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Here at Flyaway Travel, we take great pride in the way that we were able to come together as a group of people with expertise in selling travel to a range of different sectors – from merchant banks to high-end luxury companies. At the start, our team was made up of just three people. While our business has gone from strength-to-strength over the years, we've made sure not to lose the personal touch that so many of our clients appreciate. There aren't many companies you can work with in the executive travel space that can say their staff members have all been with them for ten years!

So you know a bit more about us, we've put together a few lines about ourselves – because it's this personability that we think sets us apart – you'll be able to build up a real and lasting relationship with the same person in our company and then rest comfortably in the knowledge that we're finding the best fares for your executive travel needs.

Leon Malmed

Leon's history with travel extends all the way back to 1976, when he first started working in the sector. He spent four years managing the travel arrangements for the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) at their White City offices in London. Ensuring BBC News crews were where they needed to be in the world when headlines broke was both a challenging and rewarding experience, as was making arrangements for the team working on Comic Relief.

Leon's work was soon noticed and he was headhunted to the City, where he linked up with a major Japanese bank, which is still a customer with Flyaway Travel two decades later, along with several companies from the capital's high-end jewellery quarter, Hatton Garden – all the while gaining experience in executive travel for a prestigious set of clients.

Deborah Jacobs

With a degree in Travel and Tourism Management, Deborah has always had her finger on the pulse of the industry. Having been on the team for 19 years, she has qualifications in all aspects of travel that truly are second to none. When it comes to executive business travel, it is absolutely crucial that nothing is lost in translation – and Debbie is fluent in three languages so that she can ensure arrangements are made just so.

Agnieszka Babicka

Aga is a key part of our team with some 13 years of experience in the travel industry, as well as a Btech Diploma in Travel and Tourism Management, including travel law. She has been with Flyaway Travel for well over a decade now and speaks four languages including Polish and Russian, which has allowed her establish a number of important relationships for the company in central and eastern Europe.
Our team speaks a range of languages including French, German, Hungarian, Polish and Russian. This coupled with the links we have to sister companies in Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Bangkok, Hong Kong and Singapore ensures we can make the right arrangements for your executives, whatever it is they may need.

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