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If you have ever organised a business event in an overseas destination, you will know how frustrating it is to try to coordinate the arrival of all your associates. That is why Flyaway Travel is here to take the headache out of corporate travel: we thrive on getting the job done with maximum satisfaction and minimum hassle.
If you're looking to impress clients, you will need an event that goes off with a bang. Leave it up to us to arrange a day out with a difference. You could be doing business while watching the action unfold on Centre Court at Wimbledon, or talking strategy at the US Open. Our management team shares more than 65 years of experience in handling corporate events, so we know how to throw the perfect meet-and-greet.

Sporting events
Whether you want your employees to bond on a corporate away day or need to dazzle a client in order to clinch a big deal, we have access to the greatest venues. We can purchase group tickets to Premier League fixtures, get you in to World Cup matches and make bookings at top restaurants around the world. Leave it up to us to sort out all the details, send out the invitations and organise the booking of your group's accommodation and transport.

Personalised service
Our priority is to ensure you are wholly satisfied with your corporate event. To this end, you will be given the number to a 24-hour hotline staffed by members of our team so you can let us know if you have any queries or problems. We go the extra mile to offer a completely personalised service tailored to your individual requirements, so whether that involves flying your group to your destination by helicopter or getting you all the best seats at the Grand Prix, you can rest assured that we will do everything possible to give you a top hospitality experience.